CSR is shorthand for Community Supported Restaurant.
And it’s the funding model behind Fresh Thymes Eatery.

By becoming a CSR member, you choose to support a locally owned restaurant that aligns with your values. And one that makes darn good food, too. Plus, you get exclusive perks. 

We call it localvesting. Simply put: Your support helps us grow, and our food makes you happy. Nothing wrong with that.

If you love our food and believe Boulder needs a locally sourced allergen-free restaurant, then our CSR membership is for you. There's no catch. Just credit, and it applies to all future lunches and dinners.

Each membrship tier is a set amount of money that you pay up-front. Your money then helps us bring Boulder the best darned allergen-free food around. In return, you get Fresh Thymes credit for the amount you invested -- plus a 20% to 40% return! Which means you have credit to spend any time you come here to chow down. That could mean a free burger every week for a year!

Memberships last one year, so joining pretty much guarantees you’re in for, like, the best year ever. No wonder all the cool kids are doing it.

Right now! CSR membership opened in August of 2015. 

You can sign up online today and check out with PayPal. Or, because we love to see you smile, visit us at our restuarant to become a CSR member today. 

CSR Membership Levels

For questions, call us at 303-955-7988 or simply email us.