CSR stands for Community Supported Restaurant. It describes a funding model that all the cool farm kids are using. In 2013, we decided to see how it would ride with a restaurant.Turns out, it was a recipe for success!

The idea is that Boulder wants and needs locally sourced allergen-free food, and will invest in it. Last year over 100 community members invested in our restaurant, and became the Founding Members of the CSR program. In return, they recieved delicious & local food stuffs all year long! Sound interesting? You’re in luck! Fresh Thymes Eatery is accepting new CSR members starting September, 2014!

There’s plenty of room on this bandwagon. When you become a CSR member, you’re able to spend 20-40% more on top of the amount you invest. So, you get all of your investment back in the form of food, plus some! (Dessert, anyone?) All the while, you’re supporting a great concept that feeds you like you want. Like any new business, Fresh Thymes Eatery has plans to grow, in big ways. A key to our success is support from the community. You know our faces and our values: when you invest in Fresh Thymes Eatery, you’re supporting the local food movement & organic farming practices. Can you say that much about your diversified portfolio advisor?

Nope! At Fresh Thymes Eatery, we believe in transparency. We let our values guide our decisions. The concept of “Food with Brains” follows us everywhere, which means we make smart decisions when it comes to our kitchen and our business. We simply ask that members help us make this program successful by following a few guidelines:

  • Only $50 of credit may be used from a single account in one visit
  • Duration of membership is one year -- after a year account and any remaining balance will expire
Membership TIers
Membership TIers

Membership TIers