CSR: it’s shorthand for Community Supported Restaurant, and it’s the funding model behind Fresh Thymes Eatery. Basically, a CSR is an opportunity for all you locals to invest in a restaurant you love—like ours, for instance—and then get back some exclusive perks in return. Your support helps us grow, and our food makes you happy. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

We are not currently accepting new members (wah-waaaahhh), but don’t be bummed. Just because we’re all full now doesn’t mean we won’t be opening up membership again soon. Want to be the first to know when we do? Join our mailing list at the top of the screen and Like us on Facebook to stay on the inside track.

During open membership times, community peeps like you can invest in one of our CSR tiers. Each tier is a set amount of money that you pay up-front, and those dollars fund our ability to keep bringing Boulder the best darned allergen-free food around.

Then on our end, we give you a Fresh Thymes credit for the amount that you invested (plus 20–40% on top) to spend any time you come here to chow down. Memberships last one year, so joining pretty much guarantees you’re in for, like, the best year ever. No wonder all the cool kids are doing it.